I was reviewing the responses to the garden apartment survey and was concerned that the majority of respondents feel that 15 firefighters or less is an acceptable level of manpower to this type of fire.
It seems that some of the respondents have forgotten that these structures are multi-story, multiple occupancy dwellings, possing a high rescue profile situation for the Department on arrival, in addition to the tactical difficulties of attacking a rapidly spreding fire, streching down "alleys", etc.
It has been my experience that garden style apartment buildings are usually, from the fire standpoint, poorly constructed, allowing for rapid fire development.
In my Department, a garden apartment fire would bring a first alarm assignment of over 25 firefighters to the scene. Fortunatly for us, we have not been hit by the budget cutter mentality of, "doing more with less" and we are still operating rather safely from a manpower perspective.
Why would you want less than 15, or more than 15 firefighters responding to a fire in an occupied, multi-story, garden apartment?