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    Question What's your man number?

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out with my research.

    Our local is looking to propose a new "Man Number/Badge Number" identification program for our department. Currently we are using a social security number fragment and some identifiers as our numbering system (ex. BK1234C). This breaks down to the first initial of your first and last name, the last 4 of your social, and C for Career or V for Volunteer. We want to get away from using our SS# for anything.

    I was hoping for some advice on what other departments do with regards to issuing "Man Numbers/Badge Numbers" to their members.

    It would be easy to come up with an overall seniority list for firefighters and paramedics and just issue them a progressive number. Seniority for field positions is based on date of hire. For Lieutenants it is based on time in grade.

    The following questions are tougher to figure:

    ---- How do we issue numbers to Lieutenants, Commanders, mechanics, Inspector/Investigators, Training division?

    ---- Our department is a combination fire Department, so how would you number the Volunteers? How do you recycle those numbers?

    ---- What is done with probationary firefighters? Do they get issued a man number right away or do they have a temporary number until they get off probation?

    ---- How are Man numbers recycled as members retire, quit or are terminated? Or are they recycled?

    I'd like to thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer. Please feel free to email me with your responses or post them here on the message board.

    Thank You

    Brian Kadle
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    In 1996 our fire chief decided to issue badge numbers for identification purposes. It started with the guy with the most senority (regardless of rank) as badge #1 and on down to the newest guy.Badge #'s are issued as soon as new members are sworn in. The idea is to not recycle the #'s, rather retire the number if the member retires, quits, dies, or leaves on medical.

    I don't know the size, structure, or organization for your FD, but we are a 60 man dept (we run the ambulance service which is staffed with firefighter/paramedices and EMTs).This system has been flawless so far.

    Let me know if there is something I missed


    Robert. H. Fields
    Hobart, Indiana

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    Since we run a with a multi township/county wide system the Department Chief sat down and established this system. Each Twp has a 2 number pre-identifier. My depts is 71. Now everyone has a badge number 1- whatever. When this was done it was all by seniority at that time badge 7101 was an Assistant Chief(Who is now the Chief.)
    Even the officers badge numbers go by this except they get a seperate radio Identifier such as O-74(Officer 74) is our Training Bureau Lt. And thier is no difference between our Career and Volunteers. When some one is gone from the department it depends on the circumstances..we just usually don't use that number again. As for Probies they are P 1-whatever then their badge number is given to them when they graduate and it goes by day of hire/Application if multiple hires on the same day. We use our badge number as radio call numbers for each person.
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