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    Default What is your max age

    Fist thing is first.
    I'm deeply saddened at the news of another LODD. I can only wish that God gives peace to the West Whiteland Fire Company and FF DiOrio's family.

    What age do you think is too old for firefighters to still respond to calls? Under what circumstances would you make an exception?Annual stress tests, 6 month stress tests, ordinary annual physicals? Is it inevitable that these deaths will continue?

    It sounds like FF DiOrio was the member we all wish we had. Farewell brother.

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    My department has a mandatory retirement age of 65. I have heard that Providence has one of 60 but I am not positive. We have annual department physicals. If anything is found, they will put you out until you are seen by another doctor and cleared for duty.

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    We have a mandatory retirement age of 65, regardless of position. I am not positive on the age. I feel the administration positions could go longer.

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    I don’t think that age is so much a factor in the paid community as it is for the volunteer. In the volunteer community you have guys that join when they are young and capable of doing the tasks that are required of them, but as time goes on they still think they are “Joe Fireman” and some come to the quick conclusion that they’re not as young as they used to be. Often times reality sets in after that FF or one of his fellow FF’s becomes hurt as a result.

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    I think it should be after full 25 yrs. for full time and age 55 for vollies and POC's.

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    Thumbs down None!..........

    Two Words - Age Discrimination. I'll fight any thought of age being a factor in anything. Period. If I can do the job, leave me alone and let me work. Having said that, I absolutely believe that a reasonable physical, on a reasonable schedule, should be provided for everyone. When the Doctor says it's time to go, then go. Stay Safe....
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    My department has a mandatory retirement age of 60, regardless of position.

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    We have no age limit, as a VOLY we have people in their 70's. Not all jobs require a lot of work; we and another VFD have used a FF to go to the entrance to a fire location and "point" us in---(all "pig trails" look the same at night). A nearby VFD has a FF in his late 70's who runs the panel - someone younger drives; another dept has a 70-year old keeping up with accountability. Let's face it - as long as there is a job you can do, you are an asset to the dept. If you die doing what you love and serving your fellow man so be it, we all must go some time.
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