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    Default Firefighter Training Requirements

    I am doing some research on the MINIMUM requirement for a brand new firefighter to begin structural firefighting. I want to know what your state laws requires for training. I also would like to know what the MINIMUM requirement to be a fire officer in your state.

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    This is only seven months late, but I figure this forum needs a new post or two. Presently, Arkansas has very weak standards for new volunteer firefighters. You only have to complete a 16-hour Introduction to Fire, a 16-hour Protective Equipment and a four-hour Wildland Fire class to be certified. Until this year, those requirements also qualified you to be a career firefighter. Now, the state requires all career FFs to complete a curriculum approved by the state fire academy -- which is FFII.

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    Default In actual practice....

    In actual practice, I know of many volunteers, who have gone years without the minimum 3 classes. In some of the smaller towns, (I've been on 2 of these depts). showing up once or twice, and being ambulatory is all it takes.

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    Question Any VFDs in NWA

    I moved from Fayetteville (where I was a cop) about 6 years ago and will be moving back sometime in the next year or so. Since I have seen the light and now drive the BRT I was curious about any VFDs that are close to Fayetteville. Since this is the first post in almost a year I hope someone reads it. If you do, thanks!
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