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    I have recently moved to Michigan from Texas and have noticed that Fire Inspector Positions are hard to come by. Do most Departments in Michigan hire their Inspectors from within? And are the Inspector positions considered earned through rank? I currently hold a number of Texas Commission on Fire Protection certifications and would like any information one could provide on reciprocity and challenging Michigan State Exams for FF II, HazMat, Driver, CFR, Inspector, and Investigator. I hold NFPA CFI I which does not require transfer. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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    Default Michigan training

    I can point you in the right direction. If you go to the State of Michigan Firefighters Training Council website you will find information there. You can also find a list off all the state training regions and points of contacts. If you still need more information, just email me.
    I tried to transfer some of my officer and instructor certs to Michigan, I am Department of Defense certified, and the State of Michigan said NO. Hope you have better luck. /S/ Chief Breiler.
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