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    Default Question for those of you with Warrington PRO's with Zippers

    Question for all of you that have Warrington PRO boots - with zippers that lace in.

    I use the lace in Zippers - cause they allow quicker donning and doffing of the boots when you are trying to get bunkers on. But I can't get the "darn" zippers to stay in place properly.

    How do you guys lace in the zipper - those of you that use it -- if possible - can you take a picture of how you lace them in, and e-mail it to me?


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    I used to wear them and you had to experiment with them to get a good lace job. If I remember correctly I used one lace and and started at the bottom going in one side, then down through the top of the top of the bottom of the zipper, then under the zipper, up through other side of zipper and out the boot. Then I just went back and forth on the same side in a zig zag pattern until I got to the top. At some point I changed the route to ensure that I ended at the top with the lace going in the top hole on outside of boot and down through the top of zipper and tied it in a knot. I believe in order to make it work well I might have skipped a hole in the zipper....but...I am not certain. They called it the modified ladder lace or something.... It worked well...but not sure if I could re-create it and I do not have the boots.....
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    I used to wear Black Diamonds w/ lace in zippers (Moved up to PW 5000 Bunkers - soo sweet) so I don't have the boots to take pictures of either but I'll do my best to explain it.

    I have a narrow foot so I needed a very tight system - therefore I laced the zipper under the boot eyelets.

    Start by putting the zipper on top of the boot tongue and under the boot eyelets.
    Take the boot lace and go into the bottom boot eyelet (either side) from the outside then into the zipper eyelet - under the zipper through the zipper eyelet on the opposite side (from the inside going out) and through the boot eyelet on that side.
    You should end up with the lace making a straight shot through the boot & zipper eyelets.

    Now you can even out the amount of lace you have left on each side of the boot. From here, begin working up one side of the boot - take the lace (which should be running out of the bottom eyelet and feed it into the next boot & zipper eyelets up on the same side of the boot - then back out the next set up and so on till you reach the top of the boot. Repeat this for the opposite side.

    Now - I would pause at this point - put on the boot, zip the zipper, and work and slack out of the laces until you have the desired fit then carefully unzip & remove the boot.

    Now - using the same alternating pattern - use the remaining laces and weave you way back down the boot in the opposite direction you started.
    For example - on an 8 eyelet system your laces should have ended up going into the top eyelets (from the outside of the boot in toward the tongue) so you should now thread the remaining lace out the next set of eyelets down then back into the next set and so on till you get back to the bottom.

    Again - for an 8 eyelet system you should stop on the next to the last eyelet from the bottom - with the remaining laces going in toward the boot tongue.

    From here you can tie knots & trim the laces if you wish - I simply tucked the leftover length down between the boot tongue and the eyelet flaps and after several years of use they never loosened up.

    It may sound weird just reading it - but if you sit down w/ the boot & try it as you go along - hopefully it will make sense.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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