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    Exclamation "Rescue X" on Outdoor Life Network (Canada)

    I caught about 8 minutes of this show last night - started at 11pm Mountain on OLN. It appeared to be a VX competition from the Ottawa area, done fairly well in terms of prep for TV. They had cameras in the cars and moving around the teams as they did their evolutions. Two hosts took turns discussing things with an Ottawa deputy or asst chief, who helped with the "play by play" of a rapid extrication done twice, once with a Quebec team and once with a NSW, Australia team.

    Anyone else seen this show? It's apparently going to be on again (don't know if it's the same episode or a different one) next week, again on Thursday, again at 7pm and 11pm MT. The listings on OLN's website don't go any further than one week in advance, so I can't tell if it'll be on the week after.

    I already got three neat ideas from the little bit I saw last night. I hope there's enough footage to make at least a few shows with!

    Jason Low

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    Jay, Proud to say that I was there and was able to be a part of that production. Here's the scoop .... The "World Extrication Challange" was held in Ottawa in Oct. This was a gathering of some of the top 28 extrication teams from arounf the globe. Canadian Outdoor Life Network was there to do a fantastic and VERY professional job of film documentary. From the event they are producing a 13 segment seris to be aired over a 13 week period. Each episode will air 3-4 times a week with the next episode the following week. The "Boom" camera, the handhelds and the "in Car" cameras spliced together in a seamless, smooth easy to watch (and learn) format. I had the privledge to be one of the many tool suppliers at the comp (anything you see that is Blue and sets on the ground is mine), so this got me a prelease demo DVD of episode #1. The last I heard they are talking with US cable networks as well as over seas to get this seen world wide. Every one of the 28 teams will be featured throughout the seris as well as individual judges, crews, tool supplies, etc. This just may be the big break that compititions have been waitng for. The exposure to our peers as well as John Q. Public will be fantastic. KEEP WATCHING ... and tell all your friends.

    Zmag Zmagrescue.com

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    Sounds like a great show. I sent a message to OLN via their web page feedback section requesting information on if & when this would be shown in the US.
    I also included a link to this thread in this message - so all of you U.S. folks - make your voices heard. Let OLN know that we want to be able to see this show as well.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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    Default RESCUE_X television show on Outdoor Life Network, Canada

    Jay, Good to hear you enjoyed the program. I'm the producer of that series and also a volunteer firefighter with Ottawa Fire Service. I think it's a good piece of entertainment, and good showcase for what firefighters do at accident scenes. Our friend from Zmag is right, there are thirteen half hour shows in this series. Thursday nights, 9:00p.m. eastern, on Outdoor Life, Canada. This network usually repeats these series about three times a year so everyone in Canada will have a good chance to see it. The competition profiled in the series was a World Rescue Organisation competition, held in Ottawa this past October. Similar to the TERC sanctioned events held across North America in the past however as you'll see teams competing are from Canada, the U.S. U.K. Austrailia, Spain, ect. Unfortunately guys in the U.S. can't get the series but mabey Outdoor Life Network in the States will pick it up in the future.


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    I love the program, it is nice to see auto-extrication getting some publicity. I am always surprised at how many civilians and emergency workers are not fully aware of the value of this service, and how much training it takes to do these evolutions properly. Hopefully this show helps to raise people's awareness. This show is not to be missed! I hope I don't get any calls on Thursday night

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