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    Good afternoon to you all! I hope everyone is safe and warm in this snow. My question for you guys is this: Is there any reliable and complete listing of fire jobs available? I saw one at firehouse itself, another at "firejobs", one at "firecarrears." What are your opinions? Has anyone found the "best" one? What I am looking for is a guide for the civil service tests towns and cities offer every now and again. Just wondering if anyone knew. Thanks boys, and keep them heads down.
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    If you are looking for wildland jobs, go to, and look under ranch tech and forestry tech.

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    I have not seen a "complete" list of all depts hiring. This would be a monumental task. You need to focus on a few general areas in which you want to live and work. Finding the right area to live in is a top priority. Could be a great FD, but if you hate having to live there, then forget it. Once you find those areas, locate the cities HR web page, local online newspapers and check them weekly Also contact the depts HR about their next hiring. Check several job websites also. I subscribed to quite a few of the ones out there when I was searching and found they all have something good to offer.
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    Default My 2 cents...

    From my is one of
    your best sources. I have been using them since the
    early 90s.

    And when you start the testing process, dont forget


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