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    Default Remember Where You Came From.....

    Why is it everything you read on this site and others about news in the fire service it's always the either the cheif, board, city, mayor, etc. are trying to F*** the rank and file. Everything union or not paid or not it's always the same the grunts and the citizens we protect AND PAY YOU SALARY are the ones who suffer.When you read about Cleveland or N.Y.or in Mich. where every dept. is fighting or going through lay offs because of mismanagement or in IL. There's a dept. that's crying poor and want to eliminate 15 firefighters but the have 7 million for 2 new stations and to remodel 2 others. Why is it that depts. or cities cry poor but when it's contract time they have the deepest pockets. If there wasn't such gross mismanaging of funds and micro managing we might not even need the fire act or safer act, but instead it seems like the higher they get in what ever dept they work for the less people they care about so that when they get those 5 pipes the only one they care about is themselves. So what if you have firefighters working 3 or 4 jobs to support their family because they have to fight for any kind of a raise, but that's ok you got your 3 to 5 times COLA raise, and your car and everything else you can steal from the dept. or city Or so what if the cost of their insurance that they now have to pay for exceeds the raise by 3 times your health care is still free for you and your family. Or for those cheifs that can't understand why it takes so long to get things going at a fire because the engine only has 2 people and the truck might have 2 people, or why it takes so long to extricate someone from a car because the 1 medic and 1 emt on the ambo are doing pt. care and the 2 on the engine are still putting things together cribbing, pulling a line, setting up lights, and staging tools, and they say well it wasn't like this when I was a blue shirt 20 years ago but failed to mention that ems was almost nonexistant and there where 4 guys on the engine but over time they eliminated those spots to save money. I guess I can go on but all that will do is make me more mad but I guess my point is IF YOU GUYS EVER GET CHEIF REMEMBER WHERE YOU CAME FROM AND THE HARDSHIPS YOU ENDURED AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR GUYS AND THE CITIZENS OF YOUR COMMUNITY.

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    Well said my friend.
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    right on!!

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    It is so sad that the business world today is the same as what we are seeing in the fire and emergency services. The people who work in the trenches are treated as being inferior and a necessary liability. It seems the higher up you go and the blue collar turns into the white color, the tie seems to put pressure on the brain. the blood flow is cut off and you are in control. If we don't appreciate our team players why do we need a coach?

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    I found this picture and thought it would fit right in.
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    I think one of the biggest problems stems from trying to run government as buisness.

    They are inherently different, and that is what the jackasses whith MBAs and Administration degrees cant seem to figure out.

    Running a local/state/federal goverment is not like running a buisness. You are not trying to maximise profit, you are not trying to boost stocks.

    What you should be doing striving to provide the highest level of service possible for the poeple who have intrusted you with their tax money, and in the case of emergency service with their lives.

    If you have to spend money, hire people, train people, that is what you do, you dont cut corners, you HAVE TO GET THE JOB DONE!!!

    Lives depend on it.

    If that would ever sink into the thick skulls and pile of rocks that most politicians carry on their shoulders then the ermgency services troubles would be over.

    But no, we can ever do things the easy way, the right way. Firefighers and other emergency service people have to beg, fight, and scratch for every single friggin peiece of equipment.

    As as you say, when senior officers, our Chiefs and administrators, cut corners and endager lives you realy start to wonder...

    Do they remember where they came from, do the remember what emergency services is realy about?
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    Squad 5 that brought a tear to my eye. I don't think its been said better in a long time. Good Job
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