In the new movie The Last Samurai, Tom cruise trains to become a Samurai. The turning point comes when he is able to visualize every move on each encounter. This is an acquired skill set that takes practice and discipline. Candidates tell us the same thing has happened to them once they understand the psychological principles of the oral board process. They feel like they are orchestrating the oral board in their favor and the panel is not aware of it. They know they’ve got it! Nailing it!!! Fantasyland? Hardly. Ask those who have successfully acquired their badges with their chest proudly all puffed out. Firefighters as Samurai? Why not.

Mark said it best: As I was giving one of my signature stories in my oral, a BC looked up, put his pen down and I took him on the journey with me. I knew right then I had the badge.

Reply: Indeed Mark got his badge.

This from Fred:
You said, (not they said) "If I concentrated on my own stuff, used a tape recorder to practice and miracles could happen. It did in a big way. Faster than I thought. Not only was I hired; I was number one of the five they hired. Imagine me number one! An early Christmas present. Eternally yours, Fred

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"Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

Fire "Captain Bob"