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    Cool Personal Escape Bags

    Hello all, we have recently purchased personal escape rope bags to be worn an the SCBA. Does anyone out there have any SOG's or policies concerning the use thereof? Thanks for any input!

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    Default bail-out bag

    Yes we have these attached to all scott air paks. Our bags are attached on the back of the pak, hanging below the bottle valve. We've had these now for three years. Each bag consists of 35 ft. of 8 mil rope with a carabiner attached in a pbi bag. The bag is approximately 10 inches long and 5 inches wide. When the bag is closed(by velcro) and being worn,the firefighter has to reach behind and pull on a tab that is similar to the reflective material on turn-outs.The first item he has in his hand is the carabiner. This biner is large enough to go over a haligan,axe handle, or pike pole. We use this biner while attached to a tool, door hinge, furniture ect...as the ancoring point for the bail.

    Some things that we have learned over the past 3 years is that:

    1. These bags are always exposed to all elements(water,heat,dirt,grease,ect..)therefore an examination of the bag is nessisary on a weekly basis. Our bags are sealed by velcro,when exposed to heat either at training or structures the velcro seems to melt and this makes it difficult to pull out the rope and biner when needed in a moments notice. Always inspect the bags!

    2. We also deploy the rope and REPACK them every 6 months. During this time inspect the rope for burns, melting, rips or other defects.

    3. Use these ropes only in an emergency. Our SOP states only for bail-out, RIT useage, or victim removal. Not to be used on the fireground as a utility rope!

    4. When pulling on the tab to get the biner and rope to deploy with a wet and dirty approved firefighters glove it is very difficult to do. Work as a team. Have your partner start to pull it for you as you clear out the window preparing for the bail out.

    5. WE have them installed so that the biner is pulled out on the right side of the firefighter. Make this standard on all paks. Left side or right side, but keep them all the same.

    6. We have to refresh this bail-out once a year along with the ladder slide.

    These are some things we have learned with the bail-out bags. I hope I helped you in some way. Where are you in Orlando area, I was just there last week, stopped at a few stations. Thinking of relocating there by February.


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