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    I have taken some civil service exams in the past two years but we all know that all the paper work takes a long time. I just finished taking the physical exam for the FDNY (think I did good). Anyways I was wondering what the next steps are that I have to go through. Firstly because I need to know for myself and secondly because I have to give a speech on the civil service process on thursday. So with the FDNY I would assume my next step is a background check, but what else is there?????

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    I obviously can't speak for FDNY, but the process in my neck of the woods usually follows seven steps:

    1. Application
    2. Written exam
    3. Physical agility test
    4. Background check
    5. Certification of hiring list by civil service board
    6. Interviewing top three candidates for open position
    7. Medical examination

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