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    Default Apparatus Invintories

    I would like to start a dicussion as to what equipment, from the most vital to the least vital, is needed on a varity of firefighting apparatus. Understandably this will vary greatly from region to region, but I would like to get a general feel for what departments (paid and voly, US and Non US) carry on their varios vehicles.

    My Vol deptment is re-evaluating their invintory lists due to some apparatus changes and a recent influx of grant money which will be used to fill our gaps in equipment.

    If anybody has any invitory lists (for any and all types of apparatus) on their computer somewhere that they would like to cut and paste, or email to me (fcdes@midrivers.com) I would greatly appreciate it. We have not had a formal inventory for our units yet, it has just been a living memory type of thing, where you just put on the vehicle what was needed. But, for the sake of paperwork () we have deemed it a wise move to have a itemized formal inventory for each and every type of unit. I know that if I do this from scratch I am going to be redoing it for years due to items I overlooked/forgot or just didnt even concieve of.

    Please go into detail if you like, tape to tools, ladders to batteries, flashlight to food/drinking water, hose size/quantity to TIC, wrenches to spare tires, special/unique gear to PPE, medical responce gear to communications gear, adapters to paper work considerations, laptop computers to GPS units, and so on...

    More specificly, what do you carry on:

    Pure Structure Engines
    Pumper/Rescue combination Engines
    Brush Trucks
    Incident Command Vehicles
    Logistics/Support Vehicles
    Water Tenders (Or Tanker if you are from Eastern US, our Tankers here in the west fly to fires and drop red mud)

    Also, I am looking for any ideas and suggestions for a hybrid vehicle which has proven itself to be one of our most capable units. It started life and a Beauru of Land Managment Heavy wildland unit. It is on an International 4X4 Chassis with DT 466 and Alison Auto, it has only gotten stuck once on a wildland incident and that was from the bumper hanging up on a stream bank. It originaly came equiped with a 700 gallon H20 tank, a 50 gallon Retardent tank (same as aerial retardent), and a 50 gallon A foam tank. It was a Batch Mix CAF system. We are now refurbishing it with a 900 gallon Poly tank and an Odin Copressed Air Foam system and a front bumper mounted firefox 1.5 inch cab operated CAFs monitor. It should prove to be one of our most versital and capable units, which leaves us with a dilema.

    It is difficult to cram every single wildland, rescue, and structure tool/equipment onto any vehicle. This particular wildland heavy came with a good amount of internal storage, so we do have some options.

    If anybody runs a cobination wildland/structure/rescue/CAFS/ all terrain/off road/all season firefighting vehicle I would like to hear what you equip it with!

    I am concered that some of the more sensitive strucure equipment may not stand up to the beating it would take on a wildfire incident. For instance having SCBAs mounted on the CAFS heavy is prety much manditory since it has to function as a jack of all trades, but I am concerned that the excissive dust (the compartments are tight, but dust still gets in) and the abusive jaring of rough country roads and off road travel will do in our Drager e useiSCBAs! We have not taken dilivery of the Dragers yet, but we are useing grant money to update our SCBAs from Scott Airpak 2s and MSA Ultralight 2s. We dont know how much abuse the Dragers can take so we are a bit paranoid that our wildland capable units would spell doom for out high tech gear.
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    Almost all of our Wildfire tankers (Brush truck maybe?, terminology is a little fuddled here.... definately not tenders) carry at least two CABA sets and our 1000+ strong fleet takes an absolute bashing every summer. Dusty, Dirty, Muddy.... you name it, these trucks will encounter it. In all that, I've never seen a truck, no matter how dirty it's been, with CABA sets that are unservicable. Sure, they'll be covered in sh*t, but as long as you keep gauges and masks in protective covers, all this will be purely cosmetic.

    Also, it's a good idea to make sure that CABA sets on these appliances, whilst out on wildfire duties, still get regular checking. I know it works a little different in the states, but we can have trucks leave at a moments notice... only to come back two or three months later. We make it a point down where I come from to make sure a full check is done on the CABA (And the entire apparatus) at every crew change (So about every 3 - 4 days). This will ensure they are in good working order 100% of the time, even if they will probably never be used in a wildfire situation.

    Additionally to that, when the truck is in normal use out of it's home station, the sets are checked regularly and rotated normally with the other CABA sets.

    As long as you have these kind of provisions, the CABA sets carried on your wildfire appliance will be fine.


    P.S. I have excel spreadsheets with the inventory's of all our appliances used where I am. I don't think it will be very relivant to your uses, however if you'd still like to have a look send me a private message.

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