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    Talking what can i do with this degree

    i am currently going to school to become a firefighter.
    when i am finished i will have an acciates degree in fire science.
    that includes firefighter 1 and 2,emt-b,hazmat tech,wildland firefighter awareness,officer training,and other leadership classes.
    my question is what can i do in the private sector with this degree. will i only be qualified to work at a dept or ems service?
    please impart pearls of wisdom. i am in need of guidence.
    smoky firebug
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    good question, i will have a degree after next semester. u will get extra points for testing onto a fire dept. im looking at going into fire investigation. u could also go into insurance and there are private investigators.

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    My professor / academic advisor says it won’t do too much at first. Latter on, it will be useful when it is time for promotions or for advancement.

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    I had a little time on my hands, so I did a search and found these:

    "The demand for professionals in this field will remain high over the next 10 years because many full-time firefighters will be eligible for retirement. Lakeland fire science technology graduates not only work for municipal fire departments, but also for airports, private industrial fire protection organizations, insurance companies, and as consultants."

    "Related Job Titles—Firefighter, fire officer, fire prevention personnel, fire investigator, public safety personnel, industrial firefighter, industrial loss prevention personnel, insurance personnel and military firefighter"

    "Employment areas related to firefighting include fire inspectors, arson investigators, fire prevention specialists, insurance investigators, hazardous materials specialists, business/industry fire protection system engineers, and others."

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    Smoky (and others), you're doing well to achieve that degree, as this shows dedication to higher learning and the ability to be taught. Your credentials are going to look nice to future employers when scanning resumes, but as we've said in a great many threads here before, credentials aren't going to give you the job. The department isn't hiring a certification; rather, they are looking at the individual who has that cert. One can be certifed in everything under the sun, career firefighter, paramedic, haz mat tech, and so forth, and be the biggest lug nut interviewing. The approachable firefighter, the one an oral board & chief can TALK with, will be the one who gets more points toward that final list. We don't downplay training or experience, but we don't hang our hopes on those things carrying us on to the perfect new job. Congratulations on every achievement, as that will help along the way. Learn, though, how to sell yourself as the firefighter with those credentials. You can never go wrong following the advice of CaptBob here. Read his recommendations, acquire his toolbox full of techniques to market yourself. Best of luck!
    Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong
    Dennis Miller

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    Some departments (Dallas, TX for example) want you to have a minimum number of college hours before they'll hire you. I think Dallas wants 42 hours, but it might be more. Your AS will get that covered.

    A lot of jobs just want their employees to have a degree and they'll build on what you have from there. Among other things it shows you have the ability to make a long term committment and stick to it. And you can learn.

    You will qualify for any job that states that says:

    Minimum requirements: Associate in Applied Science degree

    Other private sector jobs directly linked to your AS: industrial safety, industrial fire protection technician (system maint. and installation), contract fire inspections, industrial firefighter, insurance industry, hazmat companies, and more.

    Even better if you can follow it up with a bachelors degree. A whole lot more jobs advertise a BS as a minimum requirement.
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