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    Default Stepping Stoners

    How many other volunteer departments are experiencing this? By Stepping Stoner, I mean the ones who want to get their training at our department at our expense, but want to then move on to paid firefighting jobs elsewhere?

    We don't have a problem with people getting the basics (basic firefighter, emtB), and then working someplace else if they are around here for a year or two. It's the ones who get some training and split that grind me. I see more "transplants" do the move and split than the home grown kids. To a degree, it's become enough of an epidemic that almost all of the vol. departments in my area have policies about what level of training we give, and reinbursement to us if you leave too soon.

    The worst thing is that you have to saddle people you know are going to stay with contracts because of the stepping stoners.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

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    Yupp - but only to a small degree thus far and mostly on the EMS side where advanced training has become quite expensive.

    ~$1800 for EMT-B to NREMT-I/99 not incl. uniforms & books
    ~$2200 for EMT-I to NREMT-P not incl. uniforms & books.

    Also both of these classes is 1 Semester (certification only - non A.A.S degree track)

    So it's not hard for a Volunteer agency to drop close to $5K per person in one year when all is said and done.

    We currently require a 2 year commitment per class and the person has the option of reimbursing the squad (on a pro rated basis) if they leave before that time.
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    we have them too ...........now not as frequent .......the only thing we do is if they go to medic school ........we foot the bill or they pay it back if they leave before 2 or 3 years ........
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    It is written on the form we give to the training officer that if we receive outside training we must remain active in the dept for at least 6 mo after the training is complete.
    There is a problem with new volunteers getting their cadet basic trainings with the dept, then leaving. Every year there is a high turnover rate.

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    I'm 18, I am a FF1, FF2, EMT-IVT, Rescue Technican and Hazmat Operations.. my company paid for all of this. I am moving to another county to live in a station and get a degree in Fire Science, which the state and my company will pay for. I have given my department 2 and a half years, and am one of the staples in the firehouse right now. engines, trucks, smith, ambulances... I am always here. BUT, I need to move on and better myself. I plan to return to my area to live and volunteer here, unless I get hired in NY or somewhere far away. I dont know if that qualifies me as a "stepping stoner" or not.
    the issues we a a company seem to face, is people take their EMT, EMT-I and EMT-P then get jobs with private ambulances or a county... and dissapear, not so much with fire side.
    even though I am moving away, I plan to put in at least a weekend a month at my station that gave me all this training. they invested money in me, I invested time in them. though u want to look out for your department, you also have to think, young guys need to look out for whats best for them, not what is best for the department all the time.

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