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    Default Radio headsets in vehicles

    I am asking your help in feedback from people that use radio headsets in their vehicles while enroute to a call, returning, training, etc.

    We have been awarded a large grant to buy a totally new radio system from a new repeater to pagers. We also would like to install headsets in all the vehicles. Some officers want just the driver and officer to have headsets. I think everyone should have headsets. What kind of problems have you run into? Are they cumbersome while enroute to a call while putting on gear? I've done lots of research and would love some feedback here. I am pushing the David Clark headsets that you can wear your helmet with as well.

    Any and all comments are welcome. Thanks!!
    Lt.Jason Knecht
    Altoona Fire Rescue
    Altoona, WI

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    Thumbs up

    We have the headsets on both of our engines, and they work really well. Not only does the driver and passenger have them, but we also have them in the back for the firefighters. Its nice because we can talk about what we are going to do at the scene. And when the radio person talks to dispatch, he/she can talk over any other conversation without dispatch hearing it. Big thumbs up for the system !!!

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    WE started with a single unit with only two headsets and have now upgraded all of our units so that every one in the Engine has a headset - IT has helped that evry one gets the exact same information and heres the same reports. We have even added them to the front bumpers of our brush units.


    Sister Bay & Liberty Grove fire
    Sister Bay Wi.

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    Default Have headset and love them!

    We have them in a few our new rigs and they are great...

    The Officers and the Drivers have open mics so they can talk hands free, thus safer driving and the officer has time to look at maps, pre-plans, etc...

    The Driver and officer just need to push a button on the headset to transmit over the radio...

    The other crew members in the cab, we only have two headsets, can hear everything but when they push thier buttons they only talk inside the cab to the officer & Driver, not over the radio.

    The Headsets on our vehicles also allow for the Driver to unplug the headset in the cab and use it at the pump panel and on our ladder even at the turntable operators position.

    The biggest hurdle is getting the guys to wear them.... But they will learn to love them, saves on the ears from ambient Noise ,and they get to hear everything, First in Reports, and other traffic as they are heading to the call, not to mention officer direction on the way ...

    As for your grant you might also want to consider this....

    Get you Incident commander a radio with a headset, and one for his aid too.... Even the Safety officer.... Also your RIT Team Radio traffic at these leaves is too important to miss. Ask this question of your officers:
    Have you ever missed a radio message because of a fan running, a siren or even just pump noise? What if that message was the one and only time a firefighter was transmitting a MAYDAY? I know that when I am the OIC I can not afford to miss that call, and I don't intend to!!!

    Headsets are great!

    Lt. Burton L. Robertson
    Franklin Fire Department
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