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    Hey brothers,

    Just a question on NFPA 1977 "Wildland". I am having a hard time in my California fire department getting the guys to look at dedicated wildland boot, NFPA 1977 talks about footwear and testing but, where does it talk about no steel toe, no zippers and no steel shank? All of the boots marketed as "wildland" seem to be much different than our standard issue Redwings-Chippawa-Southwests. Any information or direction would be helpful.

    Hotfoot in CA.

    Be safe,


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    Default 2 cents...

    The common thing I seem to see in CA is the Chipawa/
    Southwest for a station boot and the Redwing/Whites
    for wildland.

    I prefer the Southwest over the Chips because of the
    cloth liner...doesnt rip up so easy. (I currently
    own both based on agency issue)

    I like the Redwings, but other people praise the
    Whites as #1.

    Guess you have to try them on yourself...Bou

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