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    Default FDNY radio strap

    I am an Explorer for a city dept with pretty good call volume. I can ride all day(we are a paid dept) and I was wondering, is it recomended that I get a radio strap? I can tie an Engine to a hydrant alone, and if I do I need a radio. Is it practical, and worth asking for X-Mas? Please, and advice is accepted
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    1. Do you ride now?

    2. If so, do they assign you a radio? If not, my answer would be no. If yes, see #3.

    3. Do you have a radio pocket on your gear? If not, my answer would be yes. If so, my answer would be no.

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    Default Just more mess

    If you have a Radio pocket on your gear I say no way. Once you get your mask strap on then your TI strap on you have to throw your flashlight strap on over that. It seems like all the fancy doo-dads I have purchased over the years all end up in the back of the gear locker. We wear the Job shirts in the winter and have radio pockets on our Bunkers. In the summer time the radio fits nice in my back pocket. I can't stand to have things dangle off of me. Ask for readers digest or something that keeps givin' all year long.
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    First the radio strap goes under your coat. It takes some getting used to because the radio needs to be protected. It can't hang too low because it will get damaged or tangled. If too high you can't change channels or volume.

    I like the radio strap. My gear has a radio pocket that now holds my fencers pliers.

    Don't wear the strap on the outside of your gear it will get caught on stuff.

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    I don't personally use a radio strap but I know a lot of people who do use them and like them very much. The method I like though is just putting the radio in my left leg pocket, where I don't keep self-rescue tools because of the air line, and I run the mic up to my collar. I don't like the chest radio pocket for interior work because I find it gets in the way too much or falls out. But the leg pocket works great, even if the mic falls off the collar it still stays close because it just hangs over the collar and doesn't have very far to go.

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