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    Question ALF Rescue Info Requested

    My department is considering bids on a new heavy rescue apparatus.
    One of the bidders was American LaFrance. There is only one ALF
    heavy rescue near us, so I was looking for any additional input. The
    truck near us was built in the old 3D plant, which is not building
    them anymore. The proposed truck is a Rescue Master. I am familiar
    with Medic Master/Rescue Master from Sandford, FL, and that they are now part of ALF, but the bid proposal indicates our truck would be built at the new ALF facility in South Carolina.

    I am looking for input from anyone who has experience with ALF Rescue Master apparatus, specifically apparatus built it their new plant. Is this the Rescue Master line and staff moved to SC, or all new people building rescues? Does ALF own Medic Master/Rescue Master outright, or just a percentage of the company (like they own part of RD Murray)?

    One of the exceptions they took in the bid was their proposal to use a Weldon V-Mux multiplexing system for the electrical. Has anyone had experience with this system?

    Thank you for your help. You can email me directly at


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    We have an ALF engine, and while not the rig I am usually on, I have noticed the interior lights have started to break. The rig looked real nice when we first got it but in a short amount of time small cosmetic things begain to break.

    I like the rig overall. It had some problems when new but it seems to be OK now. I'm not sure who made the body but it has held up well.

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