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    hi , hoping all you firefighters can help me here , question is what is the first step in needing to become a fire fighter like volunteering , am 33 years old and really want to change my career , this is something i really want to do and accomplish any input would be greatly appreciated , merry christmas to all

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    You have to see if your city or town has a call department, volunteers, or if neighboring ones do. Get familiar with these people, and let them know you're interested in learning & being part of the fire service. They should take it from there. You might be sent to classes or just doing in house training for now. Good luck, and welcome aboard!
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    Your post does not indicate where you are located, but as Kghemtp has stated: check with your local Fire Department. If they are a volunteer organization, they will probably welcome you with open arms.
    Talk with the Officers and members. Play your cards straight. be prepared to make a commitment. There is a job for everyone in the Fire Service. See how much training is required to begin your new career, most Departments require basic firefighting training to start with.
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    As others have said, just visit your local department, but be sure your ready for the commitment, there's nothing worse for a department to take the time to do background checks, employment forms, and whatever else has to be done, issue equipment and such, and then never see the new member again.

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