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    Question hi-rise pumping

    Here's the scenario: 41 story hi-rise CBS residential structure on the beach with access to sides A, B, and D. Fire pump is on the ground floor( side C) with a pressure of 275psi. There are NOT any supplemental features to assist this pump other than the standard FDC. Fire is located on the 41st floor. You attack the blaze using two 1 3/4" handlines with Elkhart Chief nozzles( 150gpm @ 50psi).If the fire pump fails, at what pressure would you have to pump to provide adequate water flow (300 gpm). The book says to never charge a standpipe greater than 200 psi. There is 200 psi in friction loss alone. Got any ideas?

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    Find out what the system was tested to when new. NFPA 14 sets 200 psi as the minimum test pressure. If it was tested to handle 275 then you can pump it at 275. The FDC and associated pipe should be rated at the same pressure as the rest of the system.
    If a common scenario I would get some hose used only for the standpipe hookup, And mark it so it is used with the higher pressure. Regular older hose isn't tested for that pressure and shouldn't be used in that situation.

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    Use 2.5 inch attack line. Quick calcuations you would need about 310 psi engine pressure for the 1.75 hose given a 200 foot lay from the standpipe outlet (that is a very long lay in a building). Same length of hose at 2.5 inch 1.25 tip same delivered water at an engine pressure of about 250 psi. and only using one hose team. Second team could be backup crew.
    This engine pressure is even below what the in house pump discharges normally.

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