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    In my department, you get issued an IFSTA Vol. 4 Student package that includes the IFSTA Manual and the student review booklets for each chapter. Throughout the year Theory classes are held on different subjects.

    While the IFSTA series is good at given most people the basics, etc, does anyone issue something more department specific to their equipment?

    For example, the PPE and SCBA Chapters deal with a variety of equipment, but as we all know, each FD has different equipment on their trucks; some that isn't covered in the IFSTA chapters. While the IFSTA manual shows good details on a number of SCBA units, our MSAs were manufactured after the IFSTA Vol. 4 was printed, so they are not shown (do you see what I am getting at here?)

    While the IFSTA books give a good overview of things, it doesn't tell you that you have to turn the ON switch ON, open the fuel valve on the back side of the tank, and set the engine to choke before pulling on the cord (and most generators and engines, while the overall concept is the same, have different locations for everything).

    What I am thinking about doing, is making up a manual that is specific to our FD and its equipment. Things like starting and operating procedures for generators, portables pumps, etc, to compliment the lessons in the student package.

    Ideas? Pointers? Thoughts?
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    Instead of rewriting the owners manual for each peice of equipment why not make photo-copies of the specific info you want from each piece of equipments owner's manual?

    That's what we have done with some of our different items. It seems to work so far anyways.


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    The manual is fine for basic training as you state. However, it is each departments responsiblity to make sure their members are trained on their specific equipment. Does your department have a designated trianing officer or apparatus foreman? Whoever is in charge of these functions should be instructing the new members on how to properly operate all of the equipment found on your apparatus.

    Great idea about making copies of the manuals available!

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