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    Do yourself a favor and steer far far away from BFD. Morale is horrible and we`re the worst paid department in the state.There`s constant infighting and everyone walks around on eggshells or just plain ****ed to be here.Its really a pathetic place to work.I could go on and on.But if you still dare to come ,remember the sign on the gates of hades...."ABANDON ALL HOPE HERE"...

    you have been warned


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    John, Good luck with your suit. Yes, we are the lowest paid, but the morale is not as bad as Signal 29 makes it out to be.It all depends on what house your in and what shift your on. We do have our problems, but what department doesn't. I've been here for over ten years and wouldn't trade it for anything(more money would be nice though). Hopefully your suit will give us another year of OT.Thank you.
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    Enough said

    Minorities' suit halts fire exams

    Copyright 2003 MediaNews Group, Inc.
    Connecticut Post (Bridgeport, CT)
    December 20, 2003 Saturday

    A Fire Department captain exam slated for January will be delayed for at least a month, becoming the third department promotional exam under court challenge.

    The Firebirds Society, an organization of black firefighters, and the Bridgeport Hispanic Firefighters Association say only one year of experience should be required to take the promotion exams. They have sued in Superior Court to halt the exams.

    The city charter requires at least one year of experience to take a test, but the city uses a standard of three years, said John C. Colligan, the city's civil service director.
    Ronald Morales, president of the BHFA, says a three-year minimum is unfair.

    "They're denying Hispanics, blacks and women the right to take the exams," Morales said. "[The city's stance] violates charter and limits the pool of applicants" by excluding minorities.

    Ronald Mackey, president of the Firebirds, claims the Fire Department is the only city agency that uses the three-year standard instead of one.

    The city should "allow access [to tests] to everyone in the department," he said.

    Colligan said the three-year time and grade requirement has been in place for decades.

    "That's been that way since the 1930s," he said. Also, a 1958 document called the Griffin-Hagen study recommends it, Colligan said.

    He added that any change in the requirements must be made through union bargaining.

    But the study is outdated and precedes the U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964, according to Morales.

    A Bridgeport Superior Court judge is expected to resolve the dispute by February, said City Attorney John Mitola.

    In May, several firefighters had unsuccessfully sought a temporary injunction to halt a pumper engineer exam. The exam went forward, but no one has been promoted because the case is still in court.

    A promotional exam for assistant chief was delayed before that by a suit.

    Now the captain's exam, which attracted 36 applications, has now been added to the list.

    The city has a lengthy history of promotion exams delayed by court action.

    The Bridgeport Firefighters for Merit Employment has intervened in the minority firefighters' suits, said the group's attorney, Richard Albrecht.

    The BFME that works to ensure enforcement of the city's civil service rules, Albrecht said.

    However, the Firebirds and the Hispanic firefighters' association say the BFME is a racist organization out to hinder the advancement of minorities and women in the Fire Department.

    Albrecht denies that.

    "The law followed by the city is the correct law," Albrecht said.

    Colligan noted that the city in the 1980s twice allowed applicants with a year's experience to take the captain and assistant chief exams because of a lack of eligible candidates.

    Aaron Leo, who covers regional issues, can be reached at 330-6222.

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