Well,as we approach the end of December,
and prepare to say farewell to 2003,
we can look back over all we have come though.

Last winter was snow storms that seemed to hit
every thurs/Fri. Over the summer we had constant
rain-around 70 inches since last year-poor
Emporia area got a whopping 94 inches! And
there's still two weeks left in Dec.
In Sept. we were forever marked by Hurricane
Isabel. Several days after Isabel,a vicious tornado
went through. Whoever was spared from the hurricane,
got it from the tornado.

Just when we thought it was someone
else's turn in the weather/element department-
Virginia had a 4.5 earthquake.

"Mom," my daughter said," we don't have volcanoes
in Virginia do we?" I guess she figured we'd been
hit by everything else-what was left?

Thanks to countless acts of dedicated,skilled
service fire/rescue and EMS have saved untold
numbers of lives. Property has been saved.

I want to say I hope each one of you
hardworking heroes-Fire/Rescue/EMS/Law Enforcement,
enjoy a Merry/Peaceful Christmas and a safe,blessed-

Becky Robinette Wright