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    Default Firefighter Combat Challenge

    i'm looking for more information on this event. what i am ultimatley searching for or going to put together is a training regimin for this event. it's something that has always interested me (now that i cant do Jiu-Jitsu anymore i need a new direction to train). any help at all is greatly greatly apprecieated. i'm very much interested in learning more about this event. thank you in advance


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    Bob, first of all, look at the Challenge Website for information about the challenge itself.

    Second, do you want to compete as an individual or relay team? The training is different for either.

    I competed in the challenge for the first time this year. I ended up going to 4 different venues to compete. It was truly a blast.

    In regards to training, I would make sure you are in great cardio condition. Plus make sure you muscle endurance is up there also. (The thing that kills you is the dummy drag at the end.)

    How to train is really up to you. If you have a tower avaiable, all the better. If not, find a place that has stairs that you can climb wearing full PPE. Get some old 3 or 4 inch hose (4 is better) and make the high-rise pack and the donut roll for the hoist. The weight of each of these is 42 pounds (down from 45 last year). I would suggest making it heavier if you can, like around 50 pounds.

    For the hoist, if you have the tower great, if not find a place that is in the open that is about 45 feet from the ground. Then hoist away.

    For the sled, if you have a Kaiser available great, if not a sledge hammer and railroad tie works great. Just be sure to prop yourself up above it otherwise something valuable might get hit.

    Hydrant run and hose drag you should be able to figure out.

    Dummy drag, if you have a Rescue Randy, use it. Practice two things, the initial lift and the grip. Try to have it resting across your chest, not holding it down with your forearms. (I know, easier said than done.) Be sure to put something on his feet otherwise they will start to wear away. If you do not have a Randy, make a hose dummy and weight it down to about 190 pounds.

    I suggest the higher weights because it will make it that much easier during the actual competition. If you can find an old steel airpack, use that. Make sure you wear boot that tie, not slip on.

    I must admit that I got nervous each time I competed, but I would not trade the feeling of crossing the finish line for anything that I can think of.

    Good Luck with your training.

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