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    Question 106-hour pay period

    In my department, we theoretically work a 24/48 schedule. However, it's something a bit different than that in practice. Our 14-day pay periods are set at 106 hours. Our hours have to be at 106 regardless of how our shifts fall in the pay period.

    To make sure we only have 106 hours every pay period, we end up working 12, 22 & 36-hour shifts from time to time. For instance, if your shift day falls on the first day of the pay period, you work a 12-hour shift and follow it up with three 24s and a 22 (total of 106). If your shift day falls on the third day of the pay period, you come in at 7pm on the second day and work a 36 hour shift to make up missed hours (and then follow that with a pair of 24s and a 22 for a total of 106).

    Perhaps this sounds confusing to you guys. I know it did when I was hired on. Certainly there are perks to having days where you only have to stick around for half the tour... And the 36-hour shifts only come every six weeks, so they aren't *that* bad. However, I'm curious (1) if others have strict 106-hour pay periods and (2) how they schedule their folks around that requirement.

    Suggestions, anyone?

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    Our pay cycles are averaged to 106 hours per two weeks. It's like a salaried position - if you show up for all 4 or 5 of your regular shifts, you get 106 hours' pay, whether it's a 96-hour cycle or a 120-hour cycle. We have language in our contract that guarantees us "26 equal pays per year ..." with OT and out-of-rank pay being compensated hour-for-hour.

    Here's our little quirk - instead of Kelly Days we opt to take the OT pay. Now the FLSA pay is computed in 3-week increments, because it's a 3-week repeat cycle, just like our work schedule. (Our Clerk is a CPA who thinks he knows it all. His staff 'loves' how he complicates things!) So we have separate paperwork for the FLSA pay, and on every two out of three paychecks there is 9 hours of OT pay.
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