12/03/03 2044 Thurmond St 1 story residence Flames and smoke showing from rear of structure. 2 lines in and searches were neg. 1 additional Engine for RIT E-1,3,T-1,Batt-1. E-6, and BAtt-2 were additional resources
12/03/03 1210 Marne St. 1 1/2 story wood frame w/ heavy smoke showing from attic. Interior conditions detereorated rapidly until Truck company vented the roof. Engine crews were able to contain the fire, roof was a lost cause.E-4,5,T-2 and Batt-2. E-11,Air Resource -1 and Batt-3
SB421@MLK A vehicle accident w/ RESCUE(Pin-In) A vehicle w/ a driver who was intoxicated traveled an exstinsive distance going the wrong way on a Interstate Hwy struck an on-coming car head-on. Engine company requested an additional Truck and Rescue Company.
E-4,T-1,T-2 R-26 and Batt-2.
3985 Talcott Ave. 1 story wood frame with flames showing upon 1st in Engine company. 2 lines and good vent work by the brothers.
E-15,8,T-3,Batt-3. E-14 for RIT and Batt-3 for safety.