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    Lightbulb Trailers - MCI, HAZ-MAT, Air; Towing vheicle

    I am looking for other states and departments that are receiving trailers (MCI, HAZ-MAT, Air Compressor) that are in need of a Tow Vehicle. I am trying to work on a deal to get a better price on a tow vehicle for my department and have been in touch with a major auto manufacturer to take a look at providing a certain make and model of vehicle to fit this need. Vehicle is a 3/4 ton, dual wheel, four wheel drive, diesel, automatic, with a towing package. I am looking for other departments outside Vermont that are in the same need. I can't get a truck from this manufacturer unless I can show that other departments in other states are in the same need. This new vehicle would replace our 1952 M38A1 Jeep as our forestry vehicle. Thanks all for the contract information.
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    What we did for our Tow Vehicle is we bought our Grass Truck big enough to tow our HAZMAT Trailer. We bought our truck through State Bid. Its a 2003 Ford F-450 with a Stahl body and a Skid Unit pump and tank. You may want to look and see if your state has state bid truck and determine if one will fit you needs for the trailer. Now for using it on other details thats up to you. But it is easier to justify a new truck if it can be used for more than one purpose.
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    There may lready be a way to get what you want. Have you looked into the state bid prices for vehicles?
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    Uncle joe, one way to get a decent tow vehicle maybe to watch the US goverment auctions.........I vist MA-TF1 alot in there lot is nothing but ex military vehicles that still run and look great. Essex county fire district 5 has an ex US Army pick up,that is a 4wd diesel powered mini tank. It 99% of the time is used to pull our foam trailer but is also used to pull the Mass Decon trailer provided by the state and serves as an impromptu(sp?) hose wagon after fires.
    But check out some of those auctions cause you could pick up pairs of trucks or single truck pretty cheap,paint em' red and toss a light bar on them and you will have your self a vehicle that lasts forever.

    Good Luck.
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    After you check out State purchase contracts check out https://www.hgacbuy.com/ You will have to req. a password for guest access.

    This is a Government Cooperative Purchasing Program that has contracts that apparently any other gov. body can utilize. We're shopping for an F450 chassis cab for a brush truck and I've found the contract prices listed are much better than the similar contracts that State of Iowa has negotiated. Trucks up to CL8 are listed.

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    Vermont does have a state bid process. We just took delivery last week. Same as you specified, except we got extended cab and didn't get dual wheels. The village bought 2- 1 for Public Works, 1 for us. We didn't get it just to haul the trailer. It's the already scheduled replacement for our utility truck. We just added the tow package when we were given the trailer.
    Came through Fitzpatrick's GMC in South Burlington. They apparently hold the current state bid contract. I believe the price was mid to high 20's.

    If you want, e-mail me and I'll put you in touch with our guy that headed up the process.
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