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    Default Cardio equipment

    My Dept has approx. $10,000 to spend on cardio equip for 2 stations. Is there any one piece of cardio equipment that would best suit a Firefighters needs, or is it whatever piece you can get them to use that is best.

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    Sorry for the delay in responding to this postÖ Iíd suggest a Stairmaster(freeclimber) or Gauntlet Stair (Stepmill 7000) machine. Both are fairly low impact, but directly related to our job. As well, you can throw on an Air pak or hi-rise pack for added conditioning. You canít run on a treadmill with a hi-rise pack! Stay away from elliptical machines. Iíve also used a device called a Jacobs Ladder. Essentially, itís like climbing up a 45 degree never ending ladder. Again, you can wear an Air Pak to step it up a notch.
    You are absolutely right in your statement. It doesnít matter how fancy the equipment is or what it can do to better your healthÖIf the guys donít use it, itís useless.
    I found a link for you for the ladder machine... Go Hard!
    Jacobs Ladder Machine
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