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    Default Farmer Loses Arm But Collects Severed Limb And Drives For Help

    Farmer Loses Arm But Collects Severed Limb And Drives For Help

    HARRISON, Ark. -- A farmer whose arm was torn off in a tractor accident picked up the limb, climbed back on and headed for home to get help.

    "What was I supposed to do? Lie there and die?" James Arlen Mondy's wife quoted him as saying.

    Doctors at St. John's Regional Health Center in Springfield, Mo., were unable to reattach his arm after the Dec. 16 accident. He was recovering at the hospital Tuesday.

    Mondy, 56, was bumped off his tractor when it hit a hole, said his wife, Janet Mondy. The spinning blades of a brush cutter then chopped off his arm at the shoulder.

    On his ride home, he had to stop to open a gate, drove through, then got off the tractor again to close the gate, and continued on his way. He started to feel lightheaded, but met a passing couple who summoned help.
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    We have seen this several times in the upper midwest. Had a high school boy that was working on the family farm and both his arms were tore off by a pto shaft. He walked to the house, picked up a pencil with his teeth and called for help (the local 7 digit phone number not 911) and then went and sat in the bath tub because he did not want to make a mess in the house.

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    Tis merely a scratch!
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    Another case of a real American tough guy ! Dont mess with those farmers !
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    The part that gets to me is when he drove through the gate, got back off the tractor and closed the gate then continued for help. Something tells me that if he had made it home he would have taken the time to kick his muddy boots off on the porch before going inside to call 911. Now that's attention to detail.

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