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    Question Aerial Platform Equipment question

    What equipment do you carrying in or near the platform?

    Is there anything you wish your platform had that it doesn't?

    Lastly what type of communications equipment do you use to talk from the turntable to the platform?


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    Default Equipment in the bucket...

    We run with a 95+ foot Sutphen tower ladder. In the bucket we have two masks for the pre-piped air, a pick head axe, 100' life safety rope, 100' utility rope, 6' section of 1.75" hose with nozzle to hit areas that you can't physically aim a master stream at, a 10' pike pole and 10' attic ladder stored in the ladder section, a 4' plaster puller. To communicate from the bucket to the pedestal we have an intercom that is openon the bucket end so you don't have to push any buttons. As far as wishes go, a step rail around the bucket like the newer models have would sure make venting from the bucket easier.

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    On our 2001 E-One 95' Tower Ladder we have 2 preconnected Scott air masks, 100' of utility rope, a chimney fire kit with chain, gloves, and dry-chem "bombs", 100' of 1.75" hose with combination nozzle, a pick headed axe, a 14' roof ladder, and an 8' pike pole. Our comms are a standard intercomm with the basket always on and a toggled intercomm at the basket and pump panel. We also always bring a portable radio into the basket. We have a TFT combination nozzle on the monitor and a 2.5" smooth bore (Can you say big water? I knew you could!) in the basket. There is a Stokes on the bed section and there are anchor points for a Stokes basket bracket (stored in a compartment on the truck, too big to leave in place) although I find the bracket to be cumbersome and a waste of time.

    Like 21D I'd like a folding work platform simular to the Bronto, chaining a chimney from the bucket is a huge test of your arms' endurance. There is a 6" wide step all around but its simply not big enough to work from.

    We are working to have a 6' roof ladder added to the last fly section (currently kept in the ground ladder comp). We find the short ladder to be much more easily used than the longer one (stored on the bed section). We stay teathered to the basket when on the short ladder since you can't cover ridge to soffet with it, but it does spread your weight about nicely.

    I'd also like to be able to angle the basket left/right (like the Bronto can). If you are performing a rescue from a window and the stick is at an angle to the building there can be quite a gap for the victims to step over from the sill to the door of the bucket.

    Some sort of chain saw holding device would be nice, maybe a "scabbard" on the outside of the basket. 2 FF'rs and all the tools you need to vent take up a lot of the basket, no place to bring a 3rd person even though the basket is rated for it. I would not keep a saw up there, just a place to stick it when not running.

    Can't think of anyting else right now.
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