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    Default Ward Diesel Filters

    My department was recently awarded a Fire Act Grant for a vehicle exhaust system. We are currently reviewing various systems. One of the "systems" that we are looking at is the Ward Diesel Exhust System.

    I am looking for feed back relative to this system in the following areas:

    1. How Effective is the system?
    2. Initial Cost per vehicle for the system?
    3. Annual Cost to replace the filter media?


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    Default Ward Diesel Filter


    The Big Thing to remember about Diesel Exhaust is the Soot is the problem not the CO. Only the Ward Diesel does capture the soot at the source.
    A hose system captures it if it is hooked up. We know in this day of 3 man engine companies you can't stop traffic, spot the truck, and hook up the hose.
    The air boxes in the celing just stir up the soot. It would actually be better if you just left it alone the soot will lay lower and not "suck it" into your breathing zone.
    The filters are very easy to chane if I remember they just have latches and it can be done in less than 5 mins I belive. You have some control of how long the filters last, it depends upon the ammount of filter time the unit uses, Longer time mean less filter life.
    We have hose systems in some of our stations and air boxes in others. I have noticed that all stations have "large" ammounts of soot in the stations irregardless of the system.

    Well on with the disclamers, these are my views and mine alone and I am not an employee of Ward Diesel Filter Systems.

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    Hi Quazar,

    My department has been using the Ward Diesel Filter system since the early 1990's. We are happy with them. Have them all 5 of our rigs. The company is great to work with. I've been dealing with the same person when I call for filter recharge for 10 years. The recharge rate has not increased in 10 years either. We are a small department and on our 1st due engine we change the filter about once every 1.5 years. You do not have to be a mechanic to change the filter. I would recommend the Ward filter system.

    Hope this helps.

    Be safe.

    Captain Lou
    "Got Foam?"

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