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    Default Richmond Firefighters Vacation Struggle

    Okay,Richmond Firefighters-
    here's a place for you sound off
    for or against the revised way
    you will have days off...

    Voice your fears,anger,support\
    or opinions.

    How will this effect you? Or
    does it?

    If you are willing to have your
    comments quoted you may contact
    me at:

    I am writing an article for a
    Fire/Rescue publication on this
    matter. Your opinion if posted here
    will not be used without your
    permission-I just want to
    know how people feel.

    I know how the 125 firefighters
    who marched on Richmond City Hall
    feel...how about the rest of you?

    I would like to discuss this....
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    Lightbulb hey fungirl

    If you would like to know how things are going. log on to thewatchdesk.com and go to the Richmond forum.

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