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    Default Christmas Eve Fires

    Anyone have any stories about christmas eve fires or calls. We had one this year its about 10 pm and im sittng watching tv and the tone goes out for a house with flames appearing from the windows in the front...were dispatched by the police but any way in my mind im saying structure so i drive to the firehouse and hop on our truck waitng and waitng for a truck driver by that time our chief is on scene reporting a code 3 (fully involved) structure fire so we fly in the truck to the scene...now this is very newbie of me but when we pull up i see the whole house going up i mean really going and all im focusing on is the fact that my right foot is shaking uncontrollably then we stop the maxi brake is engaged i run to the back pull out the 28' and go to the back with the other guys on the rig we go to throw the ladder and its not long enuff cause the backyard is sloped so we go back to the truck grab the 35 and its up to the roof. The whole time this is going on ive got like 10-15 foot flames like 10 feet from me. WHAT A RUSH needless to say it took a half hour and 2 1.75's and a two and a half to knock it down. thats my first run in with a real structure fire in the two years ive been doing this needless to say my mother was worried sick lol but o well gotta live with it...god i love this job


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    Default Re: Christmas Eve Fires

    Glad you got your first worker... you'll never forget it. However, if the structure was fully involved, why did you guys throw ladders? If we run on a full involved structure, it's surround and drown time -- deck guns, ladder pipes and 2.5" hose.

    My only Christmas Eve fire came in 2001 -- a report of a mobile home on fire. We had nothing showing upon arrival, but dark smoke drifted out when we opened the front door. We made a initial search and found no victims, lots of soot and no fire. As it turns out, the homeowners had left a candle burning on the kitchen table. The decorative display the candle was in burned, as did part of the table... Yet, the fire went out after charging the entire trailer with smoke.

    They had also left their Christmas tree lights on. As we entered, I remember how odd it looked to see a tree full of lights... all burning dim from the soot.

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    The house was set too far back in the woods and had too many trees obstructing the truck so that we could not fly it. I got off the truck and the officer in the front says to grab a ladder so thats what we did. Threw it up there and let it sit. Nobody went up it and they only did after the fire was extinguished. and we had to use the 2.5 to knock it down it was hot

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