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    Question Grant Amendment

    We have recieved a grant for a new fire apparatus and are in the process of writing the specs. In our application narrative I mentioned getting a 1500 gpm pump on the new apparatus. The apparatus dealer that quoted me a price which I used for my application has sinced increased the price of the apparatus. I was wondering if I have to make an amendment to our grant in order to get a 1250 gpm pump instead of the 1500 gpm pump.

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    You shouldn't have a problem since the intent of the grant is still the same. We had the same type of problem with our grant last year as the vendor didn't tell us about an increase from Scott so the airpacks would meet the new standards.

    I sent in the amendment explaining the situation and was given the okay to make the changes.

    It's just a shame you couldn't hold the vendor to his original quote.
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    Don't forget about pre-payment discounts that may make up for the price increase. Every manufacturer I know of gives pre-payment discounts for paying for the chassis up front at order time, and some even give interest on what's left over up until delivery time. As long as the final cost doesn't make your matching less than 10% of the total cost, there's no problems. You can request up to 50% of the federal share to pay at order time, then add your matching to it to add to the discount. The other 50% matching can't be requested from FEMA until the delivery of the truck.

    Steve's right, you don't need an amendment to change pump size if you have to. Personally, I'd make some phone calls to some other sales reps to put some pressure on this guy to pass up to his superiors. You'd be surprised how quickly the price reverts back to the quote they gave you for the application when they find out you're shopping elsewhere.

    Forgot the important part. Congratulations.

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