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    Default Erie Structure fire

    Hey guys, just wanted to share this with you.
    On Tuesday December 23rd, 2003 at 9:50pm, the Erie Fire Department was dispatched for a structure fire above a local restaurant. Initial reports were flames showing. As our Captain was responding to the station he was a block from the scene and reported nothing showing. As another firefighter arrived to the station he reported seeing flames. Our trucks responded in 3 minutes from the time of call. Upon arrival found no flames showing only heavy smoke. The owners were outside stated that a candle in the bedroom started the fire. We made entrance to the upstairs apartment and were met with heavy smoke. We started our search for the fire, we made our way through the living room then into the dining room and into the kitchen. As we entered the kitchen area we noticed it was hotter in there and figured there had to be fire in this room. We were unable to locate fire in this room so we continued on. We made our way to the bedroom to find a small fire in the corner of the room. We extinguished the fire and started ventilation. We then made our way down the hallway and found a small fire in the floor near the wall. We then figured that the fire was in the floor and walls. There were firefighters in the restaurant downstairs checking for fire and stated that they had no fire down there. They then placed salvage covers over all the appliances and counters to try to prevent water damage. We cut a hole in the floor and found no extension. There was fire damage noted to the kitchen, the hallway the bedroom and an office. The damage was noted half way down the walls. The fire had ran out of oxygen and had put itself out. No penetration was noted to the walls, ceilings or floors. This buiding is a very old and large building and the fire should have and could have been worse. Lil Yogi www.eriefpd.com
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