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    When numbering your fire department's to start out in the county, do you have to start with 1 and go up or can you start with any number and work up? And also does the county seat (<~~~spelling) which has the court house have to be the 1st Fire Department out of the county?

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    Who really cares, if you stand around long enough I am sure the politicians will stick there fat little noses in and try and get it named after themselves. Honestly I have never heard of any protocal as to numbering or nameing stations.

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    As LACapt indicated, what difference does it make !
    Logically, whoever is requesting or requiring a numbered system for the county Fire Departments, could choose many different ways, i.e.,
    alphabetically, by geographics, by battalions, by demographics, etc.
    All Fire Departments in New York State have a number, designed by county number, then alphabetically from within the county.
    My Department number, by the state, is 37001. Countywide, we do not number Fire Departments, as such, for county purposes. Of course, our county only has 12 Volunteer Departments and 1 paid/on call Department.
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    There is no rhyme or reason to numbering stations. It is totally up to the local government. There is no Federal rule and most states don't have rules either. Some counties have mandated a numbering system which make life easier and less confusing than just "Engine 1" from "station 1."

    In my town, we number the station according to what ward of the city they are in. Why? I don't really know. If it is good enough for today, is good enough for tomorrow.

    Check with your local government before you start numbering things. That might have been decided already for you.

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    When Allegheny County (metro Pittsburgh area) assigned County station numbers for the fire departments a couple years ago they started with 100 as the first station number. They assigned numbers in alphabetical order by community names. If a community had more than one company, then they assigned numbers to each of those companies before moving to the next community. The order within most of those communities were assigned either alphabetically by company name or by the local station number (i.e. vfd #1, #2, etc).
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    If your just starting assign numbers by the year the companys were put into service.

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    When the county did our numbering system about 15 years ago, they went by station not department. They started from south county with station #1 and ended in north county with station #70. So one department has county #1-#13, the next department has #17 the next #18 & #19 and so on (my FD has 26, 27 & 28). There are also unused numbers (21, 51, 55, 59, 63, and 64) built in the system for new stations.

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    Johnson County Kansas just in the past 3 years re-numbered all the units.
    Each department has an id number
    Lake Quivira is 1
    CFD#2 is 2
    leawood is 3
    Overland Park is 4
    Olahte is 5
    Merriam is 6
    Shawnee is 7
    SJCFD#2 is 8
    Lenexa is 9
    JCFD#1 is 12
    Gardner is 13
    De Soto is 16
    JCFD#3 is 19

    For the units we have
    Engines, quints, trucks, squads, rescues, brushes, tankers, utility, boats,and the bc, and chiefs vechicle.

    Say for instance if you see Truck 51 (tr51) you would know that it is an olathe unit because of the 5 and it is at station one, because of the 1. Or rescue 44 would be overland park station 4. I hope that I have not confused you too much. And the ambulances all have an 11 before their number and most of them have numbers similar to the fire station numbers such as 1141 is a medact unit at overland park staiton 1.

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    In Lehigh it was originally done in alphabetical order by department name, although some departments(like mine) have changed names so it's not exactly alphabetical anymore.
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    Our county back in the oh I dont know ............mid 1900's LOL gave each department numbers for their apparatus. But no station numbers are assigned nor are there any coresponding numbers such as each number after the assigned one is an engine or something of that like.......also all portable numbers are/were supposed to be 4 digits long to indicate it was a portable calling ........with the exception of the hilljacks in the southern part of our county that has fallen by the wayside.....
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    In my county (Bolivar County, MS) we have nine districts operations from one dispatch frequency, so its broke down like this:

    ___01 = chief
    ___02 = asst. chief
    ___03 = asst. chief
    ___04 = captain
    ___07 = lt

    ___51 = engine
    ___61 = tanker
    ___71 = rescue
    ___81 = utility
    ___91 = brush truck

    all numbers correspond with the district so, the engine for district six is engine 651 or 652 if ther have two engines

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