HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. (AP) - A 20-year-old woman unhappy with a
Christmas present from her former stepmother was arrested along
with her boyfriend for investigation of arson for allegedly tossing
a Molotov cocktail into the ex-stepmother's home, police said.
Brandi Nicole Nason, 20, of Manhattan Beach, and her boyfriend,
Marshal Abram Penna, 24, of Citrus Heights, allegedly threw a lit
bottle of gasoline on Christmas Day through the front door of
Nason's former stepmother's home, said Sgt. Paul Wolcott of the
Hermosa Beach Police Department.
"A bottle comes flying through her door and immediately lights
up her living room," Wolcott said. "She was barely able to escape
with her life."
Nason was upset with the gift her former stepmother gave her for
Christmas and also was angry because her father had to pay alimony,
Wolcott said.
The fire was contained to the first floor of the home, but it
cased an estimated $200,000 in damage.
Authorities believe Nason and Penna bought gasoline for the fire
bomb and drove to the victim's home in Nason's car, Wolcott said.
Penna allegedly ignited the wick and threw it, he said.
Drug paraphernalia also allegedly was found during a search of
Nason's car, police said.
Nason and Penna were arrested Sunday and remained in custody
Monday morning on $25,000 bail each, Wolcott said. They were
scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday.
It was not known what Nason received as a present, Wolcott

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