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    Question apparatus service life

    Does anyone know of any recomendations out there regarding apparatus service life? What are your deptartments doing when it comes to front line and reserve status? Do you rely on years of service or miles on the apparatus? lastly, does anyone have front line pumpers that are over 100,000 miles and 13 years old?

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    The appendix to the latest NFPA 1901 standards has something on it, essentially saying if it doesn't meet early 1990s 1901 standards it should be on it's fast track out.

    For my town, rural/suburban with "typical" call volume little heavy on EMS for a town of 7,000:

    Ambulances: 4 years
    Rescue Trucks: 15 years
    Engine-Tankers: 20 years
    Hose-Tenders: 25 years
    Aerial Ladder: 30 years

    And nothing will ever see near 100,000 miles!

    The above is one part call volume, one part technical obsolence, one part price, and one part gut feeling. It's what used when making the long-term town capital plans -- within a year or two we can tell you when we'll replace what out to about 2020 currently.

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