Fire wrecks mobile home

By JEFF AYRES Daily News Staff Writer

Firefighters were trying to determine Friday night what caused a fire that damaged a mobile home in Ocean City.

The fire broke out about 7:15 p.m. at 668 Anderson Drive. The woman who lives there, Teresa Fritz, was not injured.

Witnesses said a neighbor was able to rescue a dog that lives with Fritz. But it wasnít immediately clear what happened to a bird that also stayed at the home.

What caused the fire, and the extent of the damage, wasnít known on Friday night. Calls to emergency dispatchers indicated smoke and flames were shooting from the home.

The fire was believed to have started while Fritz was away from the home. She told firefighters that nothing was cooking and no candles were burning when she left.

Fritz raced toward her home, smoke seeping out of it, when she got back, but a bystander restrained her from going in, as firefighters were still knocking down the blaze.

A number of relatives and friends arrived to console her. One friend said he and the others would find a place for her to stay and would see to her needs.

John Martin, who lives across the street from Fritz, said he had to direct the host of fire trucks that headed to the blaze to the spot where the home stood.

"I saw the fire trucks driving past the home," he said. "There were flames coming out the side door (of the home) and spitting onto the ground."

The trailerís outer structure remained standing.