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    Default Cutting a hole in the ice

    Can some one tell me the correct postion for cutting through the ice with a chain saw? Once it's cut i want to be able to move the ice block off to the side under the ice to leave a open hole but be able to move it back to it's orginal spot.Any info would be great.

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    When cutting the ice you need to cut it on a diagonal with the top of the ice smaller then the bottom. Then push it down with pike poles and shove it under the ice shelf.

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    Before you push the ice block under the ice shelf, don't forget to install an ice screw into the block and attach webbing to the screw. It sure makes returning the block into the hole much easier.
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    A few more items if you choose:

    Cut the hole as a training hole, on each end you can cut the triangle, in the middle make a square. This will allow for a "larger hole" that will assist with the comfort level of new ice divers. This is typical in PSD ice dive classes. If you choose to just cut one triangle, that is fine, make it 4x4x4 or larger. Place the ice screw or use a piece of 2x4 on a line and slid it through a hole in the triangle. Push it behind your intended pattern path. As said above, cut on an angle. It is recommended to use a vegetable oil for chain lubricant so you don't contaminate the water or divers. This in place of bar/chain oil of course. Take an ice auger and make some holes out in the pattern path and drop in targets, this will give a goal to accomplish for the divers. And if it is clear water, bring a camera!!! Be safe and have fun.

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