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    Default AerialScope Refurb

    We are currently looking into updating our 1979/90 Mack AerialScope. We purchased it directly from FDNY in '90 and had Baker do the refurb.

    Now we are looking into 2 scenarios:

    1) We have spoken to AerialScope/Seagraves to either build a new one from the ground up or take our Scope and put it on a new Seagraves or Supreme chassis.

    2) Have Pierce do the refurb onto a new Dash chassis. We have already spoken to Boise and Bowie Maryland about theirs and everyone seems to be happy with the job Pierce did.

    Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with this???

    Steve Dragon
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    I think you should go with the people that know the Aerialscope inside and out and that would be Seagrave. Pierce will do a nice job I am sure but the may not know the little bits and pieces and the quirks that a scope has. Plus if there are any parts that Seagrave/Aerialscope manufactures Pierce will pay a premium for them. If you do not want to send it to Clintonville then I would suggest a Seagrave dealer like Seagrave Sales East or Interstate Truck in Hagerstown the avdantage to having it done in these places is obvious you can check on it on a weekly basis without alot of expense.

    Happy New Year
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