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    Question Adult Fire Prevention

    Our department is looking to become more involved with the communtiy and start some better PR, we have tossed around some ideas of doing adult fire prevention and possibly hosting some classes such as cpr, basic first aid and a fire extinguisher class. if anyone has some ideas or materials it would be greatly appreciated.

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    I guess the first question I have is why are you suddenly realizing the importance of community involvement and better PR? Are there some problems we don't know of?

    I only say that since I wrote and teach the PA State Fire Academy's PR class. If there are some real problems you're trying to eliminate you may need to do more than what you've suggested.

    With that out of the way it is good to see you want to get more involved with your customers. If you're going to do CPR/First Aid classes contact your local Red Cross or American Heart Association to get those classes scheduled. They should also have all the literature you'll need.

    Do you have an open house during fire prevention week? That's when we do our fire extinguisher training. We have an old stove, set up a pan with some kerosene and paper towels and let the public give it try using both the lid and a fire extinguisher. I know that October is a little far away but I think you might get a better response holding it then than just holding it some Saturday or evening. When you do get it scheduled go talk to local stores that carry fire extinguishers, Lowes, Home Depot, K or Wal-Mart etc. See if they are willing to donate smoke detectors or fire extinguishers to use as door prizes or for practice. All you have to do is make up a sign to show their participation and hang it up during your event. That's really cheap and effective advertising for both parties.

    One of the things we talk about in the PR class is how you have to present things that the public can relate to on their level at their time. It has to make sense to them. Unless you've just lost a few houses that could have been saved if the people knew "fight or flight" it may be hard to motivate the public into attending the class.

    Make sure that when you schedule your CPR & First Aid classes that you publicize it through out the community. Not just in newspapers or cable ads but through all your churches and community groups. Go to Lions, Rotary, Women's Club or Kiwanis meeting to promote it. There you will find people who are committed to the community like you are. Also, and I'm not profiling, but they are usually a more mature group who can relate to the need to know CPR and AED.

    Also try to get your local newspapers and TV stations to attend the sessions. Get some "face time" for your group.

    Whatever you end up doing keep in mind that the results you may be looking for may not show up overnight. Good PR is not something you can measure immediately like a fund or membership drive.

    Good luck
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    Steve Dragon
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    thanx for the post. its not that we haven't decided all of the sudden we need better pr its that no one has had the initiative to start it. we are also in pa and our chief believe it or not is an Instructor I. if you wouldn't mind could you e-mail me some more in-depth information on the types of projects your department participates in??

    thanx again,


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    Steve I have to agree. I have just inherited the position of Fire Prevention Officer in my department. It's not that it is all of a sudden important for everyone, It's the fact that the person who held the position prior to me just kept the program limited to kids.

    I am taking a whole new approach and I want to create a fire prevention program and safety program that includes all walks of life,young old, people with disabilities etc. Appreciate the tips though.

    I want our department to become more progressive in the adult education area of fire prevention and safety this year.

    Be safe out there

    Eugene Tucker
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    One thing I am using for adult education is the FEMA CERT program. The beauty of this is there is a ton of grant funding out there for this program (check with your state Emergency Management Agency).

    While we follow the FEMA model, we also do a big segment on fire and injury prevention. Their first night of class, they get a homework assignement to complete a home fire escape plan. We highlight the fact you are more likley to die in your own home than in a "terrorist" type incident.

    We will also be using these folks as grass-roots fire and injury prevention advocates. They will be used to help with smoke alarm checks in their communities among other things. Our program is relatively new so we have not worked all the bugs out yet.

    The other good resource is the EMI/NFA on-line courses! Some great safety related courses for the average citizen.



    Stay Safe and feel free to drop me a line!
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