The Indianapolis Fire Department is accepting applications for the next process until early January.

If you know anyone that is interested in becoming a firefighter,
have them come down to headquarters ASAP,
or call the applicant line 317-327-6814,
or even apply on line

As you know applicants:
Must be 21 years old & not over 36 years old by appointment
Must possess a High School Diploma or GED
Must have a valid Drivers License, &
Not have a Felony Conviction

You are also aware that:
We offer an excellent Starting Salary
We give large increases the 2nd & 3rd Year
We have opportunities to increase pay through the College Incentive Plan & Special Teams
We have Health - Life - & Dental Insurance
We have Vacation & Bonus Days
We have a Pension Plan & other Great Benefits

This class will be a combination of the Indianapolis Fire Department, Washington Township, Wayne Township, and possibly one other Township to be named soon.