The end of the year was nothing short of busy for Winston Salem's Bravest.
12/30 4967 Bridgton Place Reported residental house fire on cities south side. Companies arrived to find a 1 story structure w/ Heavy smoke showing. 1st due Engine reported a working kitchen fire extending to another room. 3 Engines,1 Truck,Air Resource, and 2 Battalion Chiefs. 1st alarm E-16,5,T-2, and Batt-2. 2nd alarm E-6, Air resource -1 and Batt-1
12/31 229 Patriot Ct. This is ajaicent to the city limits. Mutal aid from Truck Company 2 to assist vol companies. Also mutal aid from the Town of Kernersville E-44. Crews arrived to find 1 story brick ranch w/ heavy smoke and flames venting from multiple windows. All occupants were out of the structure. 2 lines were initially pulled and a addiditional for back-up Call came in at 0200hrs and crews returned to quarters at0530. E-26,T-2,E-44,Sta-29 and FCFD trk 109.
1st Working fire of 2004!! 2621 Atwood Rd Called in to 911 center @2208 hrs. Companies arrived to find 1 story brick rancher w/ Flames showing from garage of structure. 1st due reported heavy smoke in the distance from their quarters. Engine comapnies advanced 2 attack lines and Truck company ventilated and searched structure, All searches were neg. 1st alarm- E-2,10,T-4 and Batt-1
Adiitional- E-16 (for manpower),Air Resource-1 and Batt-3 for Safety