I'm hoping that anyone who checks out these forums that is from South Carolina already knows that we are taking applications for membership on the State US&R Task Force. This information has been on SCONFIRE.com since July, but I figured we'd cast the net some more, just in case we've missed somebody.

Knowledge is not as important as a desire to work as part of a team and a willingness to learn; we can teach anyone if they're committed and enthusiastic, and we will teach you.

It requires some commitment from your home department; this isn't rookie training we're talking about- you WILL be putting in 12 hour days when out in the field. But it is certainly worth it and if you're interested, we need to hear from you.

This is a project that needs good people. If there's one person in "Acme Fire Department" that has the desire, we want them. This isn't just for the bigger departments. And if you aren't interested, if you know somebody who is, we would love to hear from them.

Come check out our website at:

South Carolina Emergency Response Task Force

...and check out anything you wanted to know about the SC Fire Service at:


If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to e-mail us from the link on the SCTF1 site. Thanks.