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    Question Contracts

    As we enter into our contract negotiation process, I was wondering if anyone here would care to share thier union contract with me. Our local (Local 4157 - Auburn MA) is a relatively new local and the dept has almost doubled it's career staff in the past four months. The first contract established a baseline, but as always, we want to make it better.

    So, if you would care to share, please let me know!


    Brian Savage

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    Brian, I'm sure the information your looking for is readily available. The easiest way to access it is probably to have your Local president contact the District VP. I'm presuming it would be most helpful to you to get information from Depts in your area. Best of luck with the negotiations brother.
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    See ours in .pdf format at
    The Woodlands Pro Fire Fighters The site needs updating but the contract is current under the "Info for Locals" tab. Please note, our dept is not exempted by FLSA as a municipality, so the wages have to be corrected as we earn overtime pay starting at 40 hours/week rather than the usual 56.
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