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    well im fixin to go into the army! Im goin to train to become a firefighter; so I was just wanting to know what should i expect in training? i appreciate any responces i can get!!!

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    Well congrats

    Not sure how the Ary trains their personnel to be Firefighters but I did work at Fort Rucker for a year and mostly they worked the airfields on CFR. Now when your in FF school know your PPE inside and out, know all about your SCBA's like the back of your hand. Dont be the one sitting back in the class saying "We wont use that" or
    "I wont be the one". Be a true FF and know all there is to know concering your job and your safety. You depend on it and your partner depends on it. Your going to have alot of fun once the Firefighting training starts. On the physical side of things, drink alot of water and stay fit. There's alot to be learned, but take it in stride, thing pop into place before you know it. Good luck

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