Online has been brought online to provide one-stop listening for people looking for online public safety audio.

It features two types of audio-those with their own page and feed hosted exclusively or semi-exclusively on the site, or links to other sites with audio feeds. Currently, the semi-exclusive feeds include Boston EMS and the Greater Providence area scanner. Coming online early this evening (1/7/04) will be an exclusive Boston Police feed and an exclusive Boston Fire feed should be online by 1800 on Sunday the 11th.

We are looking for people to help with the belief that listening to online public safety audio should be free, and to host a feed. It's a lot easier than it sounds, and all that is needed is a cable/DSL modem, scanner and computer with a sound card. Info on how to host your feed is on the site.

Ed Burke
Boston Citywide Fire Radio Car 173 Live BEMS Audio Online public safety audio the way it was meant to be-FREE!