Does your non-profit organization have all members you need? Are all your fund raisers successful? Do you have good relations with your local media, both print and broadcast?

If you can answer yes to all three questions, congratulations! If not, it would be in your group’s best interest to attend the public relations seminar being held at the Mercer County Fire Academy April 3 & 4, 2004.

The seminar, “Public Relations for the Fire & Emergency Services”, will focus on improving your relations (image) with the community (your customers). Class segments include: “Planning and Defining Public Relations”, which will help you with a year long PR program; “Building Business Coalitions”, to help you form partnerships; “Dealing with the Media”, an on scene primer on how to deal with media; “Writing Press Releases”, to help you get your messages out to the public; and “Designing an Audio-Visual Presentation”, will help you decide the best way to reach the public.

The 16-hour seminar will be presented by Steve Dragon, PA State Fire Academy Instructor, who wrote the class in 1985. It has been updated to include new technologies including designing Power Point presentations and web sites. The course offers several opportunities for hands on work by the students to help them improve their communications skills. It is designed for members of the fire service who come into the most contact with the public and the media.

Portions of the class have been presented at the New York State Fire Chief’s Conference and the FDIC in Indianapolis.

For further information and registration forms, you can contact the fire academy at their website, www.dftc.org or call 609-799-3245.